Want an effective social media strategy that isn't a time-suck?
I've got you covered.

As a corporate social media strategist, I've noticed two major issues​ with social media:


1.) Conventional social media wisdom is for big businesses. It's not practical for busy small business owners. In creating social media webinars for local business owners, my advice often ran counter to common "best practices" in order to be useful.


2.) Social media for events is regularly an ineffective hodgepodge. As an avid event-goer and former event writer and editor, I've noticed hosts, vendors and attendees often don't work together to optimize the social reach of an event. Such a missed opportunity!

In short, there's a lack of sensible, actionable social media advice out there. So I left my corporate job and tapped into my background as a former instructor of writing at the University of Southern California to start my own social media education business.

As for you, I imagine what's at the heart of why you're here is: There HAS to be a better way. 


There is.


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