Ask-Me-Anything Hour is for those who need a little one-on-one social assistance, while my social media education package is for larger initiatives--think conferences, trade shows, farmers' markets or even corporate employee training--and can be in whatever format suits you best.


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Ask-Me-Anything Hour

We'll spend an hour together by video or phone, and you can ask me all your most burning social media questions. You can steer the session, or I can. Your call.

Price $125

Customized Social Media Education Package
Customized Social Media Education Package

Developed with events in mind, this will get you, your exhibitors and your attendees on the same page to give your event as much social media fuel as possible. The format is up to you but could include: consultation, customized social media guidelines, a webinar or one-sheet for exhibitors, etc. One-hour consultation to start for $50 to determine needs.

Coming! Educational
E-Guide & Videos

This will be the budget-friendly version of my customized education package, developed to work across industries. I won't hold your hand through the process like I do with my customized offering, but you'll have access to all sorts of educational materials to get you headed in the right direction.

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